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Why Join CVDI?

For more information on joining CVDI, please contact Raju Gottumukkala, UL Lafayette Site Director.

CVDI’s value proposition is to offer a low-cost, low-risk venue for its members from industry and government agencies to validate their early stage innovations with the involvement of university faculty, post-doctoral scholars, researchers, and students.

Members of the CVDI Industry Advisory Board (IAB) have access to leading-edge developments in data science, big data, analytics, and visual and decision informatics. IAB members guide the direction of the Center’s research projects. Members will also have access to the interdisciplinary knowledge base from academic researchers and engage with other industry advisory board members to explore potential opportunities.

The following are highlights of membership benefits:

• CVDI provides low-cost, low-risk precompetitive research. A very high percentage of the project funds support research and the center charges only 10% overhead project funds generated via from membership fees

• CVDI generates considerable intellectual property (See home page for stats)

• The center provides access to a non-exclusive royalty-free license to the intellectual property generated from all the projects. Exclusive licensing options may be available under special circumstances

• Formal periodic project reviews along with continuous informal interaction and timely access to reports, papers and intellectual property generated by the center

Access to high-quality student pool (majority are PhD students) who collaborate with industry research partners. This partnership provides students exposure to real-world research problems, and enables companies to conduct research with less investment, and also evaluate and attract top talent

• One-stop access to world-class research program.

Highly collaborative environment with added flexibility for industry members to construct joint research projects with faculty and other industry, and team-up with faculty to pursue joint federal grant opportunities

• Access to state-of-the art big data research facilities such as the Visual Analytics Sandbox for projects

• The ability for industry members to propose research problems that are most relevant to the CVDI research areas

Choice of project topics to be funded by members’ own contributions

Professional development opportunities so as co-author peer-reviewed articles with CVDI researchers and co-present at professional conferences with CVDI researchers

• University site visits offer a broader understanding of the research status, accomplishments, and capabilities and interests of the researchers and the universities

Recruitment opportunities to attract outstanding graduate students

• Opportunity to network and collaborate with other Industry Advisory Board members to explore joint ventures

Small Business Membership

Annual membership for small businesses are available at a reduced rate. A small business is as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration; Small business members benefit from a greater ROI and can qualify for additional funding and subsidized fees through Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) grant.