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2014 Issue of the IEEE TCII Bulletin

Top Stories

Dr. Borst Receives VR Platform Funding for Virtual Field Trips

Congratulations to the Dr. Borst and his  University of Louisiana at Lafayette team on the Kvasir-VR project.

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Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund | How to Apply Workshop

The Lafayette Mozilla Smart Gigabit Community is hosting a "How to Apply" workshop at Abdalla Hall, 635 Cajundome Bl

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Dr. Vijay Raghavan serves as a member of the Executive Committee of IEEE Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics.  Dr. Raghavan is also the Editor-In-Chief of their bulletin, which is published once a year.

The 2014 issue has a feature article by Chris Yang and a Special Section on Health Informatics, which is based on presentations at the Doctoral Consortium held at the HI 2014 Conference.

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