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2014-2015 (Year 3)

I/UCRC Funding by Industry

In Year 3, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Drexel University submitted projects. The project cycle ended June 30, 2015.

CS14-1 Novel Methods for Hidden Relation and Error Detection - Dr. Yuan An (Drexel)

CS14-2 Multi-Level and Multi-Source Visual Analytics of Evidence-Based Diffusion Processes- Dr. Chaomei Chen; Meen Chul Kim (Drexel)

CS14-3 A Predictive Analytics Framework for Spatio-Temporal Hotspots - Dr. Jian Chen; Dr. Ryan Benton; Dr. Raju Gottumukkala;Shaaban Abbady; Satya Karagodda (UL Lafayette) 

CS14-4 Analyzing, Modeling, and Summarizing Social Media and Linked Data Sets - Dr. Xiaohua Tony Hu (Drexel)

CS14-5 Visual Analytic Approaches for Mining Large-scale Dynamic Graphs - Dr. Raju Gottumukkala;Dr. Christoph Borst; Sivarama Krishna Venna; Nicholas Lipari (UL Lafayette)

Other CVDI Funding

Data Management Strategy for the Water Institute of the Gulf; Funding Agency: Water Institute of the Gulf

Collaborative Research: Fundamental Research In Visualization-based Gap Analysis and Link Prediction; Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

MRI: Development : A distributed Visual Analytics Sandbox for high Volume Data Systems; Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

EAGER: US Ignite: Collaborative Exploration in Networked Virtual Reality Environments, and Application to Remotely-Guided Classroom; Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Visit the official site for project details.