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2016- 2017 (Year 5)

In Year 5, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Drexel University and Tampere University of Technology submitted projects. The project cycle ended June 30, 2017.

CS16-1 Platform Invariant Low-level Image Processing Moncef Gabbouj, Serkan Kiranyaz, Çağlar Aytekin, TUT

CS16-2 Patient Specific Framework for Biomedical Signal Management Serkan Kiranyaz, Moncef Gabbouj, Morteza Zabihi, TUT

CS16-3 Buy what you see (Automatic Object Detection Based Recommendation Systems) Alexandros Losifidis, Ifthikar Ahmad, Serkan Kiranyaz, Moncef Gabbouj, Muhammad Waris, TUT

CS16-4 An Evolutionary Face Recognition and Verification System Serkan Kiranyaz, Moncef Gabbouj, Ifthikar Ahmad, Muhammad Waris, Honglei Zhang, TUT

CS16-5 Automating Operational Response Planning and Execution Based on Business Situational Awareness on Social (and Other) Media Petri Myllymäki, Jukka Perkiö, University of Helsinki

CS16-6 Turning Big Data into Knowledge through High Dimensional Data Reduction, Smart Sampling and Visualization Xiaohua Tony Hu, Drexel;  Moncef Gabbouj, TUT; Mengwen Liu, Drexel; Ezgi Can Ozan, TUT

CS16-7 Developing an Incremental and Active Learning Framework for Evolving High-Volume Data Streams Gail Rosen, Drexel

CS16-8 An N-Point Statistics Framework for Predicting Tissue Traits Spatial in Biomedical Images David Breen, Mark Zarella, Drexel

CS16-9 Machine Learning Ensemble in MapReduce for Predictive Analytics Jian Chen, Jennifer Lavergne, Raju Gottumukkala, Vijay Raghavan, UL Lafayette

CS16-10 Scalable Rank Prediction System for Large-Scale Multifaceted Data Vijay Raghavan, Christoph Borst, Mehmet Tozal, UL Lafayette; Ryan Benton, University of South Alabama;  Murali Pusala, UL Lafayette

CS16-11 Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Graphs with Enhanced Sampling and Summarization Christoph Borst, Mehmet Engin Tozal, Nicholas Lipari, Maryam Beisafar, UL Lafayette