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2017 - 2018 (Year 6)

In Year 6, universities that submitted projects include the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Drexel University, Tampere University of Technology, University of Virginia and Stony Brook University. The project cycle will end June 2018.

6a.001.TUT Automatic Face Completion & Restoration

6a.002.TUT Monitoring and Early Detection of PCG Anomalies

6a.006.TUT Learning (Scene & Object Recognition) from Few Examples

6a.008.TUT Co-botics: Intelligent Cooperating Robots & Humans

6a.009.TUT Nature vs. Nurture: Analyzing the Interplay of Meme- & Social Graph Node Attributes

6a.010.DU Log-Based Anomaly Detection Through Correlation & Behavior Analysis for Cybersecurity

6a.013.DU 3-D Information Visualization Based on Citation Mining & Cognitive Computing

6a.019.DU Ontology as a Service (OAAS)

6a.020.UL Data Integrity of Smart City Traffic Infrastructure

6a.022.UL Mitigating Concept Drift for Time-Varying Domains Through Adaptive Learning

6a.025.UL An Ontology-based Architecture for Providing Insights

6a.027.SBU The Intelligent Dashboard

6a.029.SBU Trusted Certification of Complex, Dynamic Cyber-Physical Systems

6a.036.SBU Aging in Place

6a.041.SBU onTime Commute

6a.050.UL Enabling Mobile Visual Analytics

6a.051.UVA IoT Data Trustworthiness and Sentinels

6a.052.UVA Privacy Preserving Multi-Party Analytics

6a.053.UVA Assistive Agents for Self-Represented Litigants

6a.054.UVA Reinforcement Learning Approaches to Intent Inference in Autonomous Vehicles

6a.055.UVA Data-Driven Dynamic Models for Exploring Systemic Risk

6a.056.UVA Development of Human & Machine Predictive Maintenance & Care Service Based on Industrial IoT

6a.057.UVA Learning Knowledge Search Techniques in the Law and Other Domains

6a.058.UVA Adversarial Learning in Credit Card Fraud

6a.060.UL Detecting and Identifying Wildlife Animals from Images Using Deep Learning


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